The yellow truck

Traditional fare on four wheels

Our idea was to turn something simple like polenta into street food, thanks to a creative, col-ourful and flavoursome menu.
Our yellow food truck sets out from Belluno and stops off in squares, on ski slopes and at events, serving up all the flavour and tradition of polenta straight from the truck.

The polenta

Cornmeal, water, salt, 40 minutes cooking… and it’s ready!

Polenta has always been a culinary tradition in Veneto and other regions of Italy. Its simplicity and the handful of ingredients needed to prepare it made it an important part of our country’s diet, especially when times were hard. It was actually considered a “poor” dish, but times have changed and now polenta is a favourite with many famous chefs. It goes with any kind of food – meat, fish, cheese and vegetables.

The polenta

We serve traditional polenta made with wholesome ingredients using the classic reci-pe.

The sauces

You choose the sauce you want from the many delicious offerings from our chef.

Try it at the truck or take it home

Our polenta is best enjoyed on the spot, piping hot and freshly made.
But if you want, you can take it home: it’ll keep warm for about 30 minutes and the cup can be reheated in the microwave.

Browse the menu and try one of our delicious options. Polenta goes well with every-thing, which one do you want?

the menu

Where can you find us?
Check out our calendar and find out when we’ll be in your neighbourhood.

the locations

Contact us

Want to know more? If you’d like to see our food truck in your neighbourhood, leave us a message. We’ll do our best to bring our delicious polenta to you.

The History

Grandma Dori

Santa Polenta is a tribute to Grandma Dori, a strong woman who had two great loves in her life: her family and her cooking.
Born in Koper, she travelled widely, first settling in Milan, then in Venezuela and finally ending up in Belluno.
All this travelling had a positive effect on her cooking, which was always simple, homemade and traditional. Meals at Grandma Dori’s were fun but reassuring affairs, with the whole family gathering together to catch up and enjoy flavours steeped in history and significance for them.
These are the feelings and emotions we want to recreate with our polenta.